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    SI Internet Banner   had to make an internet banner for class so I made one for SI since it was the only thing I even could think of to make an advertisement for.
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    Edit request

    which would you prefer?
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    Rhymesayers, Sucka.

    personally yeah id make the lines all white instead of with the gradient. purely because this piece draws the eyes specifically to the darks and it flows from top to bottom so the first thing I'm drawn to is those lines, which i guess is okay but maybe not ideal? its really really nice though...
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    The Real 2014-15 NBA Regular Season Thread

    So who thinks Kyle Korver should be the MVP
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    New stat shit

    login info: Dcpwner sportzin
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    2014 NFL Gameday Thread

    So LeGarette Blount left NE. Signed with Pitt. Got dropped by Pitt and got resigned by NE?
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    2014 NFL Gameday Thread

    Its LeVeon. Problem is Hill outperformed Gio last week...idk if Gio is gonna get all the touches but I don't want to not start someone who's playing the Bucs which is why I'm tempted to go with Hill and Gio
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    2014 NFL Gameday Thread

    So I have Cromwell, Bell, Jeremy Hill and Gio Bernard. Who do I start? Torn between Crowell and Bell or Gio and Hill. Open to other suggestions as well
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    2014 NFL Gameday Thread

    Yeah fuck the Lions. Me and my buddy are tied for 1st and we played this week. My dumbass starts Stafford and Megatron
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    2014 NFL Gameday Thread

    So I've got 3 RBs in a 2 RB league. Which 2? Jeremy Hill Giovanni Bernard Isaiah Cromwell I'm thinking Hill and Cromwell or Hill and Bernard...
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    The Real 2014-15 NBA Regular Season Thread

    Fcu k s bulls team. Too many injury ass prone ass players dude. I'm tired of it
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    Buzzed on Cheatos - NBA Trivia Week 4

    Yes No NY Points Cleveland Yes Melo
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    2015 HOF semifinalists announced

    My guess would be. Andersen Dungy Lynch Seau Warner I'd put money on Andersen making it