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  • oh btw you're up for the Bulls in the NBA mock
    Cloud 9
    Cloud 9
    Good looks, I picked, that was kinda fun lol I got into that
    mmmmmmmm not totally convinced about tolbert. would have to shop LSJ first too, haven't had a lot of time to get on recently
    First option works. Post it in the thread. I'll fix his contract later for the sake of time
    You have 11 active players, either I can activate your d-league player and he'll lose his reward, or you can sign someone but it'd put you over HC
    His value is hard to evaluate though. The big question becomes what would I offer him in da after only having him for a sim or so.
    Would be more inclined in trading a pick or so for japhet or Easley. Tolbert really hasn't shown me anything since he's been drafted. Feel like that'd end up being a pick id give away for free
    Well, I have bird rights, so I could always re-sign him. It's something that I'll talk with Nonsense about.
    Idk if I want to do a major deal really unless you want to part with Temple, that'd be a place I could upgrade... I like Diamond too but wouldn't give up a ton for him, he'd give me a little offensive boost and big man depth though
    idk if i wanna move him like i said earlier. i do like a lot of your players but reeves is still young and will probably improve more. i'll likely build around him for now
    Yeah I was about to message you and let you know that I'm taking him off the block since I just got Giles
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