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  • Hey man. You competing this season?
    Not really sure tbh. Team is still missing a starting center
    ehhh no thanks. Would consider If I had other rebuild type offers for my other guys but don't

    2mil GM cash/Pick 13 for Pick 14
    Tolbert resigned on a cheap deal so you wouldn't have to worry about losing him now
    I could do Warriors 1st and I could kick you in some cash too or something but otherwise I think I will try and resign him
    Yeah I understand that, that's a valid concern. If you were to get him, maybe start him and let him ball out this final sim and maybe he offers to resign on a team friendly deal or something, if not could probably use your birds to lock him up on a team friendly 5 year deal, maybe like 5.5 M starting so it beats out MLE offers. No worries if not tho but I thought it might make some sense for both sides
    He had a really solid rookie year but then I got a slew of other bigs which kinda prevented him from playing as many minutes but he's certainly no slouch and he wouldn't be the waste of an asset if you were to acquire him, I mean you have 4 picks in this draft and players like Tolbert are fairly unique. Sleep on it maybe, I think you like to run outside sometimes? He's best suited as a stretch 4 in an outside offense, which isn't a scheme that I ever run, so I think it's all about opportunity for him
    Hey so I got your Point Guard in FA but tbh I'm tanking. Want him back for your 98 and McKie? I'm talking about Rod of course
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