Week 2


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Jan 26, 2011
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1. Does Cam Newton scare anyone anymore?

2. How good is Christian McCaffrey, really? If I have a good defense with LBs that can cover, he's pretty much neutralized.

3. Is a controlled, patient Jameis Winston good enough to win more games like this or do the Bucs need a balance between last night's game manager and a gunslinger?

4. What's the ceiling of this Bucs defense?

5. Minnesota can't have a kicker, I guess. Aside from one or two years of good Walsh, we haven't had a good kicker since Ryan Longwell. But let's call a spade a spade--the Vikings gave up on Daniel Carlson way too soon.

6. Carson Wentz has to get the Eagles offense into the red zone in the first quarter, moving forward. They can't keep having these slow starts.

7. Time to start fearing Dallas, imo. Yes, it's 2 games against two bad teams, but I think this might be the scariest offense seen in Dallas since the season of the catch.

8. All the analysts will blame Pittsburgh's 6-10 season on injuries. Hint: they weren't a good team even when healthy

9. I think Jacoby Brissett will be fine in Luck's place. The Colts will have to play a different style, though.


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Feb 11, 2007
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8. Yea I had low expectations for the Steelers coming in.

7. Agree with the Cowboys. Dak looked sharp again yesterday and he's got so many weapons around him.

2. I still like McCaffrey, I just think they're game plan Thursday night was piss poor. If there's something wrong with Cam's arm or shoulder, they have to run through McCaffery and not the other way around.

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