La Tech Coach Impregnates Player; Resigns


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Mar 31, 2007
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Tyler Summitt resigned from his job as Louisiana Tech women's basketball coach on Thursday and acknowledged having an inappropriate relationship.

''I am profoundly disappointed in myself for engaging in a relationship that has negatively affected the people I love, respect and care about the most,'' Summitt said in a statement issued through Louisiana Tech.

''My hope, plans and prayers are to repair those relationships. I am appreciative of the opportunity I was given to coach at Louisiana Tech. I am heartbroken that my time has ended in Ruston, but because of my respect for the institution, it is best that I resign. I am hopeful the media and the public will respect the privacy of my family and me as we deal with this difficult situation I have caused.''
Tyler is the son of legendary Tennessee coach, Pat Summitt. Some reports indicate he impregnated an unnamed player. Summitt is only 25-years old and is married. El Creepo.

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