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Mar 9, 2017
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Come stop by and see what all the fuss is about.
Have you ever enjoyed the Madden career mode on any console? I sure know that I have personally. I used to love going in with a new player and trying to set records and just tried to be the best. It's always so fun trying to create a guy and then just having fun with him on a game right? Do you fancy yourself someone who plays or a simulation kind of guy? Either way, both are welcome over at the Elite Football League (Player Simulation League). Over there you can have the same opportunity that you would on a console except with a community of people. We are currently about to get into our fourth season and there are plenty of spots open up. With a variety of ways to upgrade your player weekly, from writing articles (a minimum of 500 words once a week), to making a sig (for all you graphics people), to doing a podcast (I believe roughly 10 minutes). There are also things called player brands in which you create your own player's brand. What this means is like a mini article detailing anything pertaining to your player. In any given week you can earn up to 9 capped points without a league job or 12 with a league job. There are also plenty of uncapped opportunities as well. We have a college system which you will have to join the ranks of before making it to the big league. There is a cap of 199 points earned you have to achieve before you can enter the draft. You may enter the draft early if you wish to but that is solely up to you. There are also career point tasks which will help you earn points in your career.
There are prestigious colleges such as: The Alabama Crimson Tide, The Miami Hurricanes, The Michigan Wolverines, The Notre Dame Fighting Irish, The Ohio State Buckeyes, The Oregon Ducks, The Texas Longhorns and The USC Trojans.
There are also six pro teams that you can eventually join after being drafted. These teams were thought up by the commissioners and the board of directors.
So whether you are new to player simulation leagues or you are a seasoned veteran, why not stop on by? If you have questions there are plenty of people there who will answer your questions. Our NCAA signing day is about to open up at some point today and many of the athletic directors are looking for players. If you have any interest in this or if it peaks your interest reading this, why not come by. You don't have to immediately create, but we are int he off-season and it is the best time to make the most of your points earned. We have a community of over 200 people and we are always opening our doors to anyone who just wants to have fun, be a part of a new community and possibly make some new friends.
P.S. As we are a football league, we do talk sports on the site as well if you just want to pop in and have a discussion involving any sport.
P.P.S. This is not spam and I hope this is allowed. I encourage you all to at least take a look around the site to see if it is something you would be interested in.
Oh and if you are interested, my name over there is KGR. Just look for me and let me know if you need any assistance getting started or what you need to know to get started if you want to.

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