Donald Cerrone on Conor McGregor


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Jun 17, 2007
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Someone please just shut this dude up, Cerrone said of McGregor on the Norton & Friends show on Wednesday. Last night [at the UFC 205 press conference] I was going to get on the horn and start getting after him but I decided not to because you talk about him, people not taking fights, he, two times I had the obligation to fight him and he turned down and took the easier fight.

When he fought Diaz for the first time, I just fought. So it was Sunday, I was flying home, Dana calls and asked me if Id like to fight Conor and that was for the Diaz first fight. And, he declined me and took Diaz cause Diaz was in Mexico you know, took the fight on 10 days notice or whatever. But, why would he want to fight me coming off a win? So yeah, my name was in the hat. Conor and his people didnt pick

I get annoyed when he wants to talk about hes the best in the world and Ill fight anybody blah blah blah but when it comes time, like theres a lot that people dont know about right. Behind the scenes stuff but I know. I knew hes like, Yeah, no no no no, cause we were trying. And I didnt even want to negotiate more money. I said, Fk you lets go. Ill fight you for whatever.

This dude same thing like last night, hes good at when cameras are on talking sh-t. You get him in the back he dont say nothing. Fk no, I been in the back many times with him.

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