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Jan 26, 2011
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Discuss your impressions of the tendencies of head officials from each game and whether or not you're happy with the NFL's selections.

Falcons @ Eagles
Head Official: Bill Vinovich
Tendencies: Vinovich's crews often call the least amount of penalties, and this season was an excellent example, with multiple games with less than 10 penalties and a by-game average over 3 flags less than the next lowest crew
NFL Selection Grade: A++++++++++++++++++

Titans @ Patriots
Head Official: Ron Torbert
Tendencies: Third highest amount of penalties per game average, but Torbert is not a Carl Cheffers/Jerome Boger type who makes each call about himself and won't mishandle personal fouls or heated situations. Still, it's ridiculous to have the lowest average in game and one of the highest averages in the next.
NFL Section Grade: C

Jaguars @ Steelers
Head Official: Brad Allen
Tendencies: his crews don't call a lot of penalties, but they call significantly more DPI, Defensive Holding, or Illegal Contact penalties than the league average and that needs to change this weekend or the league will have significant and obvious differences in how games are called in one weekend.
NFL Selection Grade: B

Saints @ Vikings
Head Official: Gene Steratore
Tendencies: Another high penalty official and this could ruin this game if they throw too many flags. However, he protects QBs well and doesn't show favoritism in that regard so I don't think we'll be seeing any cheap shots on Brees or Keenum. That being said, why have 4 very different officials this weekend? This could be bad.
NFL Selection Grade: B-

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