2020 Rookie Draft

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As the league goes in a direction we've never gone in before, a bit of a preface: We've crossed the threshold of real life drafts. Every option out there was going to have pros and cons. So let's address all of them:

Pros: Keeps familiar names in the league
Cons: Stupid as hell

Real life rookies
Pros: As realistic as it could get
Cons: Classes would take forever to make, and even then, we'd only have 1 or 2 more we could do before we'd cross this problem again

Pros: @CameronCrazy06 doesn't have to worry about making classes anymore, so the league can move faster. Also a challenge for GM's as they can't work off name value anymore
Cons: It's fiction

So with that said, I decided to roll with fictional classes. I saw some people say they welcomed this potential challenge, and I would ask that all of you go into it with an open mind. If it doesn't end up working out, we can always talk about changing direction again in the future. With that said, best of luck to all those drafting.


1. Golden State Warriors (ajd_tbh) -- SF Theo Snydor
2. Washington Wizards (Teagz) -- PG Cassius Winston
3. Boston Celtics (GMOTY) -- PG Anthony Edwards
4. Oklahoma City Thunder (Father Pugzo) -- SF Bud Ford
5. Denver Nuggets (RN4L) -- SG LaMelo Ball
6. Milwaukee Bucks (BironRonso) -- C Paul Miles
7. Chicago Bulls (bosoxlover12) [FROM UTA] -- SF Stephane Turner
8. Boston Celtics (GMOTY) [FROM NOH] -- C James Wiseman
9. Indiana Pacers (Cheddar) [FROM MIN] -- SG R.J. Hampton
10. Brooklyn Nets (larryspader) -- SG Ochai Agbaji
11. Minnesota Timberwolves (xbrackattackx) [FROM LAC] -- C Shareef O'Neal
12. Phoenix Suns (daulten780) [FROM MIA] -- C Adriean Lewis
13. Philadelphia 76ers (tyfreak) [FROM DET] -- PG Theo Maledon
14. Boston Celtics (GMOTY) [FROM LAL] -- SG Kahlil Whitney
15. Memphis Grizzlies (mattfaria12) -- PG Tom Worsley
16. Toronto Raptors (snipezo) [FROM SAS] -- SG Dante Ketner
17. Detroit Pistons (rd222) [FROM POR] -- PF Cedric O'Bryant
18. Phoenix Suns (daulten780) -- SG Riney White
19. Indiana Pacers (Cheddar) [FROM TOR] -- PG Markus Howard
20. Philadelphia 76ers (tyfreak) -- PF Killian Tillie
21. New York Knicks (dez) -- SG Elliott Kennedy
22. Orlando Magic (notail) -- C Randly Havlicek
23. Phoenix Suns (daulten780) [FROM CLE] -- SG Josh Langford
24. Cleveland Cavaliers (N/A) [FROM HOU] -- PG Tre Jones
25. Orlando Magic (notail) [FROM ATL] -- SF Butch van Breda Koff
26. Cleveland Cavaliers (N/A) [FROM SAC] -- PG Cole Anthony
27. Philadelphia 76ers (tyfreak) [FROM DAL] -- PF Charles Bassey
28. Milwaukee Bucks (BironRonso) [FROM IND] -- SF Jim James
29. Detroit Pistons (rd222) [FROM CHI] -- SF Jerry Britt

30. Golden State Warriors (ajd_tbh) -- C Manny Gadzuric
31. Los Angeles Clippers (Mexi) [FROM BOS] -- PG Reggie Miles
32. Denver Nuggets (RN4L) [FROM OKC] -- SG Jack Grant
33. Milwaukee Bucks (BironRonso) -- PG Kent Dorsey
34. Denver Nuggets (RN4L) -- PF Rasho Englund
35. Washington Wizards (Teagz) -- SG Tommy Warren
36. Utah Jazz (playmaker7) -- SF Buck McElroy
37. Minnesota Timberwolves (xbrackattackx) [FROM CHA] -- PG Jared Harper
38. Brooklyn Nets (larryspader) -- PF Lamar Stevens
39. Dallas Mavericks (CameronCrazy06) [FROM MIN] -- SG Wendell Moore
40. Denver Nuggets (RN4L) [FROM LAC] -- PF Cedric Beenders
41. Atlanta Hawks ($tunna) [FROM MIA] -- PF Vernon Carey
42. Los Angeles Lakers (Paulius) -- SG Tyrese Maxey
43. Chicago Bulls (bosoxlover12) [FROM MEM] -- C George Alexander
44. Chicago Bulls (bosoxlover12) [FROM DET] -- PG Ruben Davis
45. San Antonio Spurs (TYO) -- PG Soumaila Bowman
46. Portland Trail Blazers (kdogg) -- PF Ansu Ekezie
47. Chicago Bulls (bosoxlover12) [FROM PHX] -- C Damian Marion
48. Minnesota Timberwolves (xbrackattackx) [FROM PHI] -- PF Precious Achiuwa
49. Toronto Raptors (snipezo) -- PF Baron Jones
50. New York Knicks (dez) -- C Erik Burke
51. Orlando Magic (notail) -- SG Steve Davis
52. Phoenix Suns (daulten780) [FROM CLE] -- SF Henry Marsh
53. Brooklyn Nets (larryspader) [FROM HOU] -- SF Virgil Harpring
54. Atlanta Hawks ($tunna) -- SF Matthew Hurt
55. Chicago Bulls (bosoxlover12) [FROM DAL] -- Vern Brennan
56. Sacramento Kings (Will) -- SF Julius Russell
57. Indiana Pacers (Cheddar) -- PF Bill Johnston
58. Chicago Bulls (bosoxlover12) -- PF Kermit Mokeski

This thread is for PICKS ONLY. All complaining can be done via GroupMe.
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Jun 21, 2019
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Golden State Warriors select Theo Snydor, forward out of the University of North Texas.

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Nov 10, 2018
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Pistons chose Cedric OBryant via GroupMe in between traffic stops *clown emoji*C79DC8CA-579D-48E2-8148-CD43A2D845CE.jpeg
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