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  • How can I PM/contact other GMs?
    Do you have GroupMe? Go to our section, go to announcements and click on the League GroupMe to join. Or get to the post amount on here to PM
    ayy thank you sir. I actually wanted to use it on KT since I'll need him to beef up to play C but I'm not complaining. I also noticed Mashburn wasn't on the camped list and I grew him out.
    Yo I know you're busy inputting and I've already commented on it but can you please check about the grow I wanted to use on Stackhouse? He's not on the camp tracker and his weight wasn't changed, and I don't think Chief knew about a free camp for the article grader job. Don't mean to bother you but if that's the case since it's still technically off-season can I get this done?
    So I know my grading slipped there at the end of the season, but still think I graded well enough for that free strength camp we talked about when I took the job. Think I could scoop that?
    true, but a couple others should know how to use FBB

    Or hell, if you have time you can walk them through it. I had no idea how to use FBB before you walked me through it lol
    Maybe you can find someone to help you out with some of the inputting and whatnot

    I'll take the Jazz though
    If you have a team open I'll join. Can't promise too much activity, but it'll be better then a GM-less team I suppose.

    Also another thing I did in a previous league was simmed 10 days everyday, with the occasional 15 day sim. Promotes activity everyday, and you don't run through the league too quickly.
    Why did my trade get vetoed? Just curious, they are both expiring,I'm trying to win games since I don't have my pick and he's trying to tank?
    Hey man, I'll post something advertising your league in the hockey league lounge if you could do the same for me!

    What teams are open in yours?

    Blackhawks, Predators and Kings for me
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