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    Elite Football League (Player Simulation League)

    Elite Football Simulation League Come stop by and see what all the fuss is about.   Have you ever enjoyed the Madden career mode on any console? I sure know that I have personally. I used to love going in with a new player and trying to set records and just tried to be the best. It's always so...
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    2018 NFL Draft Thread

      On the contrary, he has better tools to fit the pro scheme better than anyone in the draft. The only one who could give him a run for his money at the top QB taken is Lamar Jackson.
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    aaron judge

      I was aiming for basic
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    2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Josh Rosen looks like the real deal
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    aaron judge

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    Suggestion Thread

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    Texans Deshaun Watson Tore ACL in Practice Today

    Huge Watson fan despite playing for a division rival. Kinda happy and sad at the same time.
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    Cam Newton's Future in Carolina

      Could be them hitting the reset button.
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    Jay Ajayi Traded to Eagles

    The Eagles robbed the LOLphins. Idk what kind of stuff the LOLphins are on, but I want none of it.
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    Cam Newton's Future in Carolina

    While you may think Benjamin is out of shape, his frame alone, mixed with his jumping ability, wingspan and ability to draw DPI's help him out in that department.
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    Suggestion Thread

    Add Florida State under the teams for my profile already
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    Garoppolo to 49ers

    Well this franchise just lost a lifelong fan
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    Name Changes Request Thread

    Change my name please  to Lucky 2 Times
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    Week 1: NFL Pick'Em 2017-18

    Thursday, Sept. 7, 2017     Kansas City Chiefs @ New England Patriots   Sunday, Sept. 10, 2017   New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills Atlanta Falcons @ Chicago Bears Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati Bengals Arizona Cardinals @ Detroit Lions Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans Tampa Bay Buccaneers @...