Connor McDavid Suspended 2 Games for Head Shot


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Sep 29, 2016
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Edmonton Oilers young superstar captain, Connor McDavid gets a two games suspension for hitting Islander defenseman, Nick Leddy in the head during their game last night.
McDavid, not known for this kind of play, looked like he was bracing himself for impact, Nick Leddy, a much shorter man, was headed his way, and Connor's arms struck him in the temple.....Leddy DID come back to play (almost immediately in fact), so it appears no real damage was done...barring any delayed symptoms...however, the NHL rulebook is clear when it states that players are responsible WHERE their hits land..and head shots are a clear no-no in the league.
Some may think McDavid could have avoided that type of hit, but personally, seeing how fast things happen on an NHL ice sheet, I honestly do think it was just him trying to protect himself.
Had he wanted to injure Leddy, the point of the elbow would have done the job most effectively..he did NOT do that.
This also serves as a warning to ANY players in the NHL...superstar or matter who you are, you are subject to disciplinary action.

I bear no ill will to either Nick Leddy or Connor McDavid, but I think we won't be seeing this sort of thing much from Connor...guy is a legit player, is good for the league, and is just out there to play hockey and try to turn his Edmonton Oiler franchise around in the right direction.
Glad Leddy seems fine.

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