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  1. BlackMamba

    Divisional Round Pick 'Em

    Vikings Ravens Chiefs Packers
  2. BlackMamba

    Wild Card Weekend Pick 'Em

    Texans Titans Saints Seahawks
  3. BlackMamba

    2019 NFL Playoff Predictions

    6 Titans @ 3 Patriots 5 Bills @ 4 Texans 6 Vikings @ 3 Saints 5 Seahawks @ 4 Eagles Divisional Round: TEN @ 1 Ravens HOU @ 2 Chiefs SEA @ 1 49ers NO @ 2 Packers Championship Round: Chiefs @ Ravens Seahawks @ Saints Super Bowl LIV: Ravens @ Saints Super Bowl MVP: Lamar Jackson
  4. BlackMamba

    Week 17 Pick 'Em

    Bills Browns Packers Chiefs Vikings Patriots Buccaneers Saints Redskins Giants Colts Steelers Titans Raiders Cardinals Seahawks
  5. BlackMamba

    NFL Pick 'Em - Week 16

    Texans vs Buccaneers Bills vs Patriots Rams vs 49ers Sunday 12/22 Lions vs Broncos Raiders vs Chargers Bengals vs Dolphins Giants vs Redskins Jaguars vs Falcons Panthers vs Colts Ravens vs Browns Saints vs Titans Steelers vs Jets Cardinals vs Seahawks Cowboys vs Eagles Chiefs vs Bears Monday...
  6. BlackMamba

    Pick Em Week 15

    Thursday Night Jets vs Ravens Bears vs Packers Bills vs Steelers Broncos vs Chiefs Buccaneers vs Lions Dolphins vs Giants Eagles vs Redskins Patriots vs Bengals Seahawks vs Panthers Texans vs Titans Browns vs Cardinals Jaguars vs Raiders Falcons vs 49ers Rams vs Cowboys Vikings vs Chargers...
  7. BlackMamba

    NFL Pick 'Em - Week 14

    Cowboys Saints Browns Texans Colts Dolphins Vikings Panthers Ravens Packers Jaguars Chiefs Steelers Titans Seahawks Eagles
  8. BlackMamba

    NFL Pick 'Em - Week 13

    Bears Cowboys Saints Jets Titans Eagles Packers Panthers Jaguars Ravens Browns Cardinals Chargers Chiefs Patriots Vikings
  9. BlackMamba

    NFL Pick Em Week 12

    Texans Bears Falcons Bills Steelers Browns Saints Raiders Lions Seahawks Titans Patriots Packers Ravens
  10. BlackMamba

    Nfl pick em week 11

    Browns Ravens Panthers Cowboys Jaguars Bills Vikings Saints Jets 49ers Raiders Patriots Rams Chiefs
  11. BlackMamba

    NFL Pick Em Week 10: Results Through Week 9

    Chargers Giants Lions Ravens Browns Saints Buccaneers Chiefs Colts Rams Packers Vikings Seahawks
  12. BlackMamba

    NFL Pick em week 9

    49ers texans eagles colts jets vikings panthers bills seahawks lions packers browns patriots cowboys
  13. BlackMamba

    NFL Pick em week 9

    49ers at cardinals texans at jaguars bears at eagles colts at steelers jets at dolphins vikings at chiefs titans at panthers redskins at bills buccaneers at seahawks lions at raiders packers at chargers browns at broncos patriots at ravens cowboys at giants
  14. BlackMamba

    NFL Pick Em Week 8: Results Through Week 7

    Vikings Lions Rams Saints Buccaneers Colts Seahawks Eagles Bears Jets Panthers Patriots Texans Packers Dolphins
  15. BlackMamba

    Week 7 Pick Em: Results Through Week 6

    Chiefs Packers Cardinals Rams Bills Jaguars Lions Colts Redskins Titans Saints Seahawks Cowboys Patriots
  16. BlackMamba

    Week 6 NFL Pick 'Em: Results Through Week 5

    Patriots Panthers Ravens Seahawks Jaguars Chiefs Dolphins Vikings Cardinals 49ers Titans Cowboys Chargers Lions
  17. BlackMamba

    Week 5 NFL Pick 'Em: Results Through Week 4

    Seahawks Vikings Jaguars Cardinals Texans Buccaneers Raiders Eagles Ravens Titans Patriots Chargers Cowboys Chiefs Browns
  18. BlackMamba

    Official Wrestling Talk Thread

    Love that the pyro is back
  19. BlackMamba

    Week 4 2019:

    Lol still haven't gotten a Thursday pick right