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  1. cruzg24

    Legacies for Lebron and Curry

    What do you feel winning does for the legacies of Lebron James and Stephen Curry? Does this put James in the top 10, top 5 maybe? Does Curry become top 20? Top 5 PG of all time?
  2. cruzg24

    Frank Vogel fired

    Larry Bird says Frank Vogel is out. Discuss
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    What is your fandom record?

    What is your fandom record in championship/finals games of your favorite teams? It would be interesting to see other peoples records and how lucky or unlucky theyve been rooting for their teams. Im 2-5. I have seen the Giants win 2 Super Bowls and lose a Super Bowl. I have seen the Mets lose 2...
  4. cruzg24

    Gregg Popovich broke down what he looks for in players, and it was an inspiring life lesson

    The San Antonio Spurs are enjoying an unprecedented run of success, currently cruising for a 69-win season and a 19th straight playoff appearance. There's no single factor behind the Spurs' success, but a big part of it has been the culture they've created, which could be the best in sports...
  5. cruzg24

    20,000 Posts

    Its been almost 8 years since I joined Sportz Insomnia and today I reached 20,000 posts. 8 years ago I was a freshman in a college dorm room during a summer semester trying to finish up my private pilot license with my best friend in Daytona Beach, Florida. Its funny looking back on it now...
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    Most appealing NFL coaching vacancy

    Which is the most appealing NFL coaching vacancy and why?
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    Derrick Rose Beginning to Resemble Point Guard Chicago Bulls Know and Love

    CHICAGO For months, Derrick Rose has been promising that one day, everything was going to click. Its a belief in himself that has seemed at times naive as hes struggled through stretches of the Chicago Bulls season that have left many wondering whether hed ever be the same player he was before...
  8. cruzg24

    Anger could alter trajectory of Odell Beckham Jr.'s career

    EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- This isn't about dancing or one-handed catches or fancy cleats with tiny Christmas presents on them that light up when you walk. There's no doubt Odell Beckham Jr. is a lot of fun to watch. Few things in this world live up to the hype, and the New York Giants' dazzling...
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    Dirk Nowitzki says 'the sky's the limit' for rookie Kristaps Porzingis

    NEW YORK -- Dirk Nowitzki has no problem with people comparing New York Knicks rookie Kristaps Porzingis to him. "It's more than fair," Nowitzki said after his first game against Porzingis. "He's probably way ahead of the curve. When I was 20, I was scared to death out there. ... He's almost...
  10. cruzg24

    Albert Pujols undergoes foot surgery

    Angels first baseman Albert Pujols had surgery last week to repair the planter plate in his right foot, per a team announcement. Hes expected to return to full baseball activities in four-and-a-half months, according to the release. That timeline suggests that Pujols will miss some time early...
  11. cruzg24

    Bryant: 'If you asked me today, I'd say this would be my last year

    be Bryant intends to retire as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, and he still thinks he'll do that at the end of this season. He's leaving the door open to play longer, though. "If you asked me today, I'd say this would be my last year," Bryant said Saturday, via the Los Angeles Times' Mike...
  12. cruzg24

    Predict where free agents land

    Zack Greinke- Dodgers David Price- Cubs Yoenis Cespedes- Angels Jason Heyward- Cardinals Justin Upton- Yankees Jordan Zimmerman- Blue Jays Johnny Cueto- Red Sox Alex Gordon- Royals Chris Davis- Orioles Ian Desmond- Mets
  13. cruzg24

    Eden Hazard reportedly wants to leave Chelsea for Real Madrid

    Eden Hazard wants to leave Chelsea and join Real Madrid, according to L'Equipe. And the move could happen next summer if Cristiano Ronaldo decides to leave the Spanish capital. The French sports daily claims the Belgium playmaker sees a lack of ambition at the Premier League holders and...
  14. cruzg24

    2015 MLB Postseason Predictions

    AL Wild Card Game: Yankees vs Astros ALDS: Blue Jays vs Rangers ALDS: Royals vs Yankees/Astros ALCS: NL Wild Card Game: Cubs vs Pirates NLDS: Dodgers vs Mets NLDS: Cardinals vs Cubs/Pirates NLCS: World Series Winner:
  15. cruzg24

    Patrick Kane’s DNA evidence leaks in rape case: Rep

    Both the Buffalo News and the Chicago Sun-Times are reporting details of the DNA evidence collected from a woman who alleges that Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane sexually assaulted her on August 2 at his home. From the Buffalo News: DNA tests taken from a rape kit conducted on the woman...
  16. cruzg24

    A's call up Barry Zito from Triple-A — is MLB farewell vs. Tim Hudson next?

    The only thing the Oakland Athletics have left to play for is staving off postseason elimination as long as possible, so why not give the people what they want? Why not jump into a pool of nostalgia and remember the good times? So the A's on Wednesday called up Barry Zito, their former ace and...
  17. cruzg24

    Owners, NFLPA can't agree if they're discussing disciplinary changes or not

    Following a season that began with a not-so-stringent two-game ban of former Ravens running back Ray Rice and ended with an over-the-top deflate-gate punishment of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's decision-making has naturally been a hot topic around water...
  18. cruzg24

    Tristan Thompson likely to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers

    From the looks of it, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Tristan Thompson may be headed to an imminent divorce as negotiations seemingly fall on a stalemate heading into NBA training camp. To date, there is no word on what the Cavs' plan is as far as the 24-year-old Canadian's status is concerned...