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  1. cruzg24

    2017/18 NBA Regular Season

    Ah gotcha thanx I thought Nike and Jordan are separate entities now, thanx for the clarification
  2. cruzg24

    2017/18 NBA Regular Season

    The Hornets are wearing Jordan sponsored jerseys, how is that possible? I thought Nike sponsored all of them now.
  3. cruzg24

    MLB Player Rankings 2017: #5 Starting Pitcher

      In terms of pitching yes. I saw somewhere that pitching in the NL equates to an extra 30-40 K's due to the pitcher in lineup. 
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    MLB Player Rankings 2017: #5 Starting Pitcher

    I went with Strasburg. In his 2 games (14 IP) in the playoffs he didnt have an ER. He performed exceptionally well and his team let him down. He had a better regular season than Verlander as well, even though hes in the NL.    Im biased though because I never really liked Verlander and I think...
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    2017/18 NBA Regular Season

    Was that really even a fight? They were just hugging each other the whole time, unless I missed something. 
  6. cruzg24

    MLB Player Rankings 2017: #4 Starting Pitcher

    Sale is a better pitcher right now over Verlander. 
  7. cruzg24

    Chelsea Kit Redesign

    Wow that looks amazing, great job. 
  8. cruzg24

    2017 MLB Postseason Thread

    That Vin Scully first pitch with Fernando gave me goosebumps....
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    2017 NFL Gameday Thread

    Damn I hate our general manager. Keeping the same O-line and picking up some pieces to "help" Eli isnt what we needed. What he needs is a good pass protection offensive line and complimentary running game.    Manning isnt in a position anymore to win the game solely with his arm. 
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    2017 MLB Season Thread

    Damn thats insane, we definitely wont see that again in our lifetimes. Hill needs a team apology lol
  11. cruzg24

    Jay Bruce to Cleveland

      Yea I agree. I wouldve kept him as well. But on the bright side we have more money to spend but that wouldve happened anyways after the season. We need to restock the minors anyways since we just called up on top 2 prospects. All our position players were old and we need youth.    We need a...
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    2017 MLB Season Thread

    Aaron Judge is on pace to set the rookie record for most walks in a season.    A power hitter with great plate discipline, wow thats scary. 
  13. cruzg24

    2017 MLB Season Thread

      When did you go to Japan? How was it?
  14. cruzg24

    Knicks and Jackson expected to part ways

    I read that the organization and phil disagreed upon getting rid of Carmelo. Phil wanted to buy him out and the Knicks were hell bent on not doing that. I would not buy out Melo either, thats fucking bullshit. He wont waive his no trade clause then hes going to play the remainder of the...
  15. cruzg24

    Mavis decline Dirk's option

    I mean I love Dirk and the Mavericks, but I think they should tank this upcoming year. Dirks not going anywhere else and this team needs another young piece to develop next to Noel, Smith Jr, and Curry. 
  16. cruzg24

    Nationals Extend Harper through 2018

    Damn you guys are cold.....    I think I read somewhere that Harper wants to play for the Cubs.
  17. cruzg24

    2017 NBA Post-Season

    Fultz isnt going to Chicago, they already have an all-star PG in Rondo.    If Rondo wouldnt have gotten injured they wouldve swept the Celtics. 
  18. cruzg24

    2017 MLB Season Thread

      I can agree with that. The position players are really old. Reyes, Wright, Cabrera, Bruce, and Granderson are all past their prime. And the vaunted pitching staff has the 3rd worst ERA in the league.    So much for being a better staff than the 90s Braves. That motherfucker Smoltz jinxed us...
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    Congrats to Pujols for his 600th Homer

    The better question to ask is, if Albert was on HGH what percentage chance would he have of breaking the record?    Congrats to him, shouldve stayed with the Cardinals though. He wouldve had a statue right next to Musials. Maybe still even now. 
  20. cruzg24

    h.b.d. salvatore.

    Happy Birthday!