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    SI GFX Championship Battle #1

    The winner can put this plaque in his sig space. Poll will be open for 4 days. Please vote! A B C
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    Champions League 2019/20

    Figured we could have a thread for the CL. Group stages start today. Marquee games today and tomorrow: BVB - Barca Real - PSG Atletico - Juventus
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    NBA Jersey Megathread

    Post them as the come along   Dubs will have a slightly new identity:     And apparently the league is making every team have a "global" Logo now, with the requirements of including the full name and a basketball. Although I'm not sure yet if this abomination might actually be the Rocket's new...
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    Compiled these from Unsplash today. 155 brand new stocks
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    (f)eeling cute, might delete later

    Have you guys noticed how there's a new age of gfx'ers on instagram doing stuff like this and actually getting payed by the NBA and others? We quit this shit too soon. I'm seriously playing with the thought of trying this as a side hustle. That's why I made something sized for insta feeds  
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    Pistons sign Dwane Casey

    5 year deal via Woj
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    2017 NBA Pre-Season

    Basketball is back
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    Another trip around the sun

    Have a good one joeysteezo
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    Kings sign George Hill and Zach Randolph   FU, De'Aaron
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    Jrue Holiday re-signs with Pelicans
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    Jersey Advertisments

    gonna update this post as new mock ups get released. Cavs are gonna announce a Goodyear jersey ad today. At least the Jazz's is from a charity and looks close enough to a regular jersey patch. Nets do not give a fuck about aesthetics.          
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    Happy Fucking Birthday Daniel

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    charleh murpheh

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    The Jumpshot Game

    First one to post all 5 correct names wins.    
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    Mavs acquire Nerlens Noel

    Andrew Bogut, Justin Anderson and a top 18 protected 2017 pick.
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    NBA Trivia 2017

  18. buzzy

    2017 NBA Draft Prospects Thread

    The other thread was started exactly a year ago, so I might as well.     Right now it looks like the top 3 are Fultz, Smith and Ball and honestly if the Heat get a top 3 pick I can get excited about any one of those guards. Fultz seems like the best prospect but damn, Ball's hype is easy to buy...
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    sig below
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    2016/17 NBA Regular Season Thread

    Let's hope it's not a completely irrelevant regular season.