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  1. Raindelay

    2016 SI Power Rankings - Goalies #1

    Price - when healthy
  2. Raindelay

    Knicks will hire Hornacek

    Thank god no more Rambis tbh
  3. Raindelay

    NHL Sim League

    We have four spots open!!! Below is the latest edition of our newsletter Hello Blue Line GMs, The Trade Deadline is tomorrow! So make sure you check in and see if you have any offers that may change the game for you! All Star Voting is now open...
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    Hey Wong!
  5. Raindelay

    2015-16 NHL Playoff Discussion Thread

    I wouldn't hate that, although I do sort of prefer the Sharks
  6. Raindelay

    Fantasy Baseball Thread

    I also have David Price, Jeff Samardzija, Jon Lester, Steven Wright, Sonny Gray and Vince Velazquez
  7. Raindelay

    Braves Fire Fredi Gonzalez

    Yeah, because he really has all the help from his players.     Not saying its a bad move, but he certainly doesn't deserve all the fault.   I'd say this team should have the worst record actually
  8. Raindelay

    How Can We Improve SI?

      Probably still not much interest
  9. Raindelay

    At what point do we ask the question...

          The question we are asking is why do we keep responding to this guy?
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    How Can We Improve SI?

    We could do betting a different way I guess
  11. Raindelay

    Fantasy Baseball Thread

    Luckily the dude I'm facing this week has six players on the DL One of my friends, too but I'm not saying anything :P
  12. Raindelay

    Fantasy Baseball Thread

    Picked up 3 two start pitchers this week Plus I already have Price JA Happ- got fucking destroyed Adam Conley- very very nice start! Kyle Hendricks - didn't go yet
  13. Raindelay

    2015-16 NHL Playoff Discussion Thread

    I'm saying the Penguins even it up tonight. They'll get some of the spark they used against the Rangers and Caps back tonight
  14. Raindelay

    Angels nearing deal with RHP Tim Lincecum

    Honestly surprised he's not signing on with the Giants, especially considering they had supposed "high interest levels" But he should be another disheveled part of a disheveled Angels rotation and team as a whole.
  15. Raindelay

    two requests

    Thanks Pugzo!
  16. Raindelay

    Source: Cubs Negotiating Trout Trade

    Angels win that "deal" above. Lose one amazing player for seven potentially great players? Where do I sign?
  17. Raindelay

    Thread Prefixes

    Can we get these added for teams? Found this mod: it does cost $17, but maybe there's one that could be less or free idk
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    NBA Player Branding

    Honestly thought it was a 32, but now I see the EB
  19. Raindelay

    Hi SI

    Hey Stray! I'm sick right now while everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather so I know how you feel lol
  20. Raindelay

    NBA Player Branding

    Maybe Blake Griffin?