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    2016 NFL Gameday Thread

    ahhhhh dak
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    2016/17 NBA Regular Season Thread

    Zaza Pachulia the goat
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    Official Soccer Thread

    48 team world cup has been approved for 2026
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    2016/17 NBA Regular Season Thread

    And apparently his future with the Knicks is uncertain
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    2016-2017 Offseason Thread

    I really hope it happens. Even tho Joey Bats is 36, he would bring a spark to the lineup
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    Jags Hire Marrone as HC, Coughlin as an Executive

    Really thought they were gonna hire Mike Smith
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    2016-2017 Offseason Thread

    Rays sign Colby Rasmus, all that's next is signing Joey Bats.
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    Official College Gameday Thread

    Bama or Clemson?
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    2016 NFL Gameday Thread

    game over lol
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    2016 NFL Gameday Thread

    Bobby Rainey fucked the Giants over, now the Packers are gonna put the game away
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    2016 NFL Gameday Thread

    I sense OT in this one
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    2016 NFL Gameday Thread

    I mean, the Packers had -8 yards for a while. Not sure why they went for it there
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    Chip Kelly fired

    Don't think he'll get a HC gig in the NFL
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    2016/17 NBA Regular Season Thread

    We scored 13 points as a team in the 4th if I recall, wasn't just Durant who was bad. Should have won that game
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    Saints will reportedly consider trading coach Sean Payton during offseason

    I wonder what teams would be interested, also wonder what they can get in return for him. I honestly don't see it happening
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    EPL Discussion Thread

    Goal of the year one day into 2017
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    Bills Fire Rex Ryan

    Will be interesting to see where he lands next, presumably as a DC
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    Cavs close to acquiring Kyle Korver

    Well Lebron does want a point guard, Rondo on the Cavs would be interesting
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    2016 NFL Gameday Thread

    Both of Rodgers' touchdown passes were incredible. And I thought the Giants had the game in the bag