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  1. catman

    38 Members of MLB Teams Test Positive for Covid

    31 players and 7 staff members tested positive. Not sure how many from each club, but 19 clubs are affected. One player, DeLino DeShields, was identified and has mild symptoms.
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    Baseball Is Back!!!!!!!!

    The players and owners agreed on a 60 game season, to begin around July 23. Here are some of the key points: • Teams will open the season with a 30-man active roster; it will be reduced to 28 players after two weeks, then to 26 after...
  3. catman

    RIP Jerry Sloan

    Legendary Utah Jazz coach has died at age 78: Condolences to family and friends.
  4. catman

    Baseball Season May Be Starting Soon!

    It appears clubs will bring players either to their spring training sites or their home ballparks to get ready for a season. Starting date is early July and they will play 80-85 games with some 7-inning double header games scheduled (like minor league double headers). Not sure what happens to...
  5. catman

    Geographical Realignment -- Florida and Arizona

    3 divisions in each Florida and Arizona, potentially. All teams will play their major league games at their spring training sites for at least a while.
  6. catman

    Scott Boras Wants to Play Until December

    He has a plan to play 162 games if the season starts June 1 or 144 if the season starts July 1. Playoffs would be played in warm-weather or domed stadia cities. Thoughts?
  7. catman

    Noah Syndergaard -- Tommy John

    Hopefully he will be OK after his rehab in about 16 months or so.
  8. catman

    Chris Sale Undergoes Tommy John Surgery

    From Ken Rosenthal: Not news that Red Sox fans wanted to hear, but he should be back in 2021.
  9. catman

    Potential Changes this Season

    When baseball comes back, the game will need to adjust a bit to the split spring training that they have had. Here are a few possible changes that I could see happening. 1. Expand rosters to 28 for the first month to allow another pitcher to be added to teams. 2. DH in the National League is...
  10. catman

    Yankee Minor Leaguer Tests Positive for COVID-19

    I wish the young man the best. I guess the commissioner was right to shut spring training down when he did.
  11. catman

    MLB Suspends Games for at Least 2 Weeks

    Due the Corona Virus. No end in sight at this time. No College Baseball, No High School Baseball. Draft? Unknown.
  12. catman

    Corona Virus to Keep Fans From Attending NCAA March Madness Games for at Least 14 Days Many sporting events are being affected by this virus.
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    Projected Opening Day Lineups/Rotations
  14. catman

    Interested in a Million Bucks?

    MLB is giving away $1MM to the person who guesses which players will lead the majors in certain categories -- homers, hits, pitching wins, pitching strikeouts, team wins, world series championships, MVPs, Cy Youngs, and All star games selected to.
  15. catman

    Yelich Staying with the Brewers

    Signed a contract keeping him in Milwaukee through the 2028 season -- $228MM total. Not an "albatross" contract. He wants to stay there and seems to be very happy.
  16. catman

    Betts and Price to the Dodgers

    The Dodgers got Graterol and Luke Raley for Kenta Maeda. The Twins gave up more to get Maeda than they would have had the Red Sox liked Graterol.
  17. catman

    PECOTA Projections from Baseball Prospectus

    Honestly, I could see both the D'Backs and Padres above .500 and the Dodgers not win 100 games.
  18. catman

    Joc Pederson to the Angels

    No. It fell through. The Angels killed it because it took too long and Moreno lost patience.
  19. catman

    Betts and Price to the Dodgers

    Yes there was. The Red Sox didn't like Graterol's medicals and wanted more.
  20. catman

    Astros Hitters

    With the commissioner's office putting teams on notice that they will not tolerate the Astros' hitters being thrown at, will the hitters have an advantage, knowing that most of the pitchers, especially the flame-throwing relievers, will pitch them on the outer third of the plate? Only a pitcher...