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    A shitload of old sigs I stumbled across

    these have me wet af
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    ray lew

      sup papa pugzo
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    ray lew

    exposure effect is executed well
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    Dammm It's been like 3 years..

    these grafix bout as gay as you hi
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    aka tony

    one of your stronger sigs
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    like the first one a lot
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    almost looks like a rockstar siggie has potential, like the lighting and depth here
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    NBA Player Branding

    superb finish
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    NY Watersports

    very nice
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      back in my days, I did just enough to get by with cookie cutter bullshit girafix
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    Stick Figure Music

    oooo saw this on FB, straight fire bree
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    u tryna finish it or nah
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    word, the app's ghost mascot idea is slick af   nice work, i like this, especially the color choice   can definitely see this if SC was ever to go for a "professional" look instead of playful, but that's the intended audience I guess
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    it's loud and obnoxious, I had to put the app inside a folder so I dont have to look at it it could be half as shitty if they just flipped the color (which someone has already done, and a bunch similar to this) i do like the interface more now, the app icon is booteeh
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    Jared Goff Sig

    the don is not pleased as he is NOT wearing the signature
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    dat last verzon str8 fleekin
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    King Kendrick

    dis on fleek
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    harder better faster stronger

    this shit's delicious
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    My recent shit

    4th sig gave me a wiggle down there. good shit