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  1. Mr. X

    Hurricane Jake's 2016 Positional Rankings: Receivers

    I think Jordy may be a little low based on not playing last year. He's top 5 IMO. And I think Allen Robinson might be a little high. Out of those 10 he's probably 9 above Marshall. Demaryius was let down a bit by a terrible passing game so even though Robinson was a TD machine on an equal...
  2. Mr. X

    Former coach Dennis Green passes away at 67

    Very sad. I always thought he was a class act and a great football mind. In a way it's sad that's best best known now for his 'they are who we thought they were' rant, but it absolutely showed his fire and passion for the game. In Minnesota Denny Green opened the NFL up to a dual-threat QB the...
  3. Mr. X

    Trade Deadline Deals?

    Sadly the Orioles desperately need a starting pitcher and a lefty setup man, but once again our farm system is so depleted that we're not going to be able to make a move. the only thing we have is Christian Walker (1B), Trey Mancini (1B), and Chance Sisco (C ). Luckily, with Chris Davis being...
  4. Mr. X

    Mack, Barr, or Mosley

    I personally think Khalil Mack was the best player in that draft and thought he should have been taken before Clowney. So far he's been incredible; first player in history to be All-Pro at two positions. The guy is incredibly versatile and a freak athlete. Definitely a player I think a team can...
  5. Mr. X

    Teddy, Bortles or Carr?

    I've always been a Teddy Bridgewater supporter, but definitely am highest on Blake Bortles. His size, strength and ability to run around and extend plays is crazy. I think the Jaguars made a tremendous pick when they snagged him.
  6. Mr. X

    Ultimate 53 Man Roster

    Hester is my return man. Honestly, I'm very high on Rishard Matthews and think he's a legitimate No. 2 receiver in the league. He is very similar to Jarvis Landry, which is why Miami didn't keep him. Also, I think Washington horribly misused Andre Roberts and think he can be a very solid slot...
  7. Mr. X

    Should Russia be banned from the Rio Olympics?

    Not only should the be banned from this Summer's Olympics, but an entire Olympic cycle including the next Winter Olympics too.
  8. Mr. X

    Which city needs a NFL team?

    From a pure logistics standpoint it's interesting based on the population and income available to pick from, but yes, it is kind of flooded right now with three teams competing in the market. At the same time, it's like Virginia, Washington might have Virginia but they could make a shift over...
  9. Mr. X

    Ultimate 53 Man Roster

    Stumbled on this, it's an older post but I came up with a team under the 2016 $155,270,000 cap. I think I only have 2 rookies and that's my FB and backup LB. So I avoided the easy picks of Le'Veon Bell and Odell Beckham Jr. 1. QB - Tom Brady - $14,000,000 (Patriots) 2. QB - Colt McCoy -...
  10. Mr. X

    Which city needs a NFL team?

    I love expansion talk no matter the sport. In the NFL, I would say 3 Cities truly stand out to me as places they could expand 1. Portland and by a pretty wide margin. The Portland metro area has a population of 2,389,228 people that ranks 23rd in the country. To go with that there is a $46,090...
  11. Mr. X

    Hey man, I saw your post about a 53-man roster and went through your other history and you seen...

    Hey man, I saw your post about a 53-man roster and went through your other history and you seen to really love football and how to build a team. I run a online simleague if you're interested when you can be the GM of a team. It's based on late round pick, AFL and CFL players, not big NFL stars...
  12. Mr. X

    Hey are you still trying to do some sim leagues?

    Hey are you still trying to do some sim leagues?