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  1. Hurricane Season

    Melo signs with the Blazers

  2. Hurricane Season

    Deandre Ayton suspended 25 games
  3. Hurricane Season

    2019/2020 NBA Regular Season

    I know it's preseason, but fuck it. BAXETBALL IS HERE
  4. Hurricane Season

    Duke Johnson traded to the Texans

    Probably the biggest news of the entire NFL offseason. Sucks that he's leaving Cleveland right as they start to turn shit around, but it's probably for the best. Hopefully Houston actually fuckin uses the guy.
  5. Hurricane Season

    BREAKING: Westbrook traded to Houston for CP3   wot
  6. Hurricane Season

    OFFICIAL: Kawhi Leonard signs with LAC, Paul George traded to LAC
  7. Hurricane Season

    Sixers sign Al Horford
  8. Hurricane Season

    Jimmy Butler to Miami
  9. Hurricane Season

    Jon Beilein to become Cavaliers head coach   Out of fuckin nowhere
  10. Hurricane Season

    Rosen traded to Miami

    Cardinals receive: 2nd round pick (Andy Isabella), and a 5th round pick in 2020.   Incredible value for the Dolphins here.  
  11. Hurricane Season

    2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Gameday, boys
  12. Hurricane Season

    Pass interference calls now challengeable     This is going to be a shit show.
  13. Hurricane Season

    Gronk to retire
  14. Hurricane Season

    CJ Mosley to the Jets

    They also picked up Jamison Crowder, and traded a 5th for Osemele the other day.   Jets are spending some serious money this offseason.  Looks like they're trying to go all in while guys like Darnold and Jamal Adams are still on rookie deals.
  15. Hurricane Season

    Antonio Brown traded to the Raiders
  16. Hurricane Season


          Got the sig itch again.  Might have gotten a little carried away.
  17. Hurricane Season

    A shitload of old sigs I stumbled across

    Was taking a trip down memory lane, digging through a bunch of my old shit, and found all these.     I may have some of these posted across this site somewhere already, but whatever.                                                          
  18. Hurricane Season

    2019 NFL Draft Thread

    cuz we need one
  19. Hurricane Season

    Urban Meyer "retires"   We'll see how this goes...
  20. Hurricane Season

    Kareem Hunt cut by Chiefs