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    Hey guys, long time no see. Haven't been making an gfx in about 6 months? Anyways, I guess you could say I'm back to making gfx. :) Good to see you guys again! Dorado, Pugz, and Falcons!
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    hi gety. <3
  3. .truth


    One of my new fav players. <3
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    shady psd Someone in the thread asked for it, and I didn't wanna bump the thread, so I figured I'd just drop it here.
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    Rust. Lol.
  6. .truth


    Still gettin' it back I guess.
  7. .truth

    Kid Dynamite

    A bit too monotone imo, it's solid, just needs some fixing in areas like text, and coloring.
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    Ew, rusty. Lol.
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    I see you still have that style going on .titan. It's pretty solid, love the border, looks real nice. I don't really like the text though.
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    The Black Mamba

    This is pretty nice. If you want to do the Black Mamba text, put it underneath the Bryant text in small white font.
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    The Ultimate Collab

    Hey man. :)
  12. .truth

    The Ultimate Collab

    I won't touch this since I"m really rusty. But it's lookin nice so far.
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    don't like the blue on his face.
  14. .truth

    truths psd pack Hope you guys like it, some of my older stuff is in there as well.
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    Psd drop

    Drose and Thorton are both dirty, nice job picass.
  16. .truth

    Calvin Johnson

    Lines look bad. Rest is cool.
  17. .truth

    Steez+MC Collab

    Good <Censored>, lighting is a bit overdone though imo.
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    add some text on this, it's pretty cool, nix the little color wheel thing, throws off the flow imo.
  19. .truth


    Really nice here, liking the text.
  20. .truth


    Solid, nothing eye popping about it though.