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  1. Gtown81

    2015 MLB Season Thread

    well, Papelbon just ended his career
  2. Gtown81

    A's call up Barry Zito from Triple-A — is MLB farewell vs. Tim Hudson next?

    def miss that trio, can't forget about a young Haren and Harden in the rotation as well
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    David Price

    loving the type concept
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    NHL Official 2013/14 Gameday Thread

    wtf happened in Toronto tonight?   just got home from work and I here there was a goalie fight and kessel got in a tussle with 10 ft. tall John Scott
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    appreciate the comments. it's also stockless, I was too lazy to google any lol   this sig just goes to show that ap really can play in his sleep
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    its been awhile
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    R.A. Dickey Close To Being Traded to Toronto

    Jays are just going to sell seats this year, way too much pressure on some players, who haven't really proven before that they can handle it, for them to have a lot of success this year.
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    Ryan Freel Commits Suicide

    So sad to hear this, always liked the guy whenever I played MVP Baseball I always had him on my teams. RIP Ryan
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    Russian Factor

    desaturate the yellow area make the russian factor text smaller and spaced out more, if you do that, I think this will look sick
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    Luck or RGIII?

    Luck only based off of a long term basis, with RG3 you have a huge risk for injury due to his style at the position and with Luck when compared to Peyton, out of any other QB he probably comes closest to him in similarities. If I only got one season with one of them, I would go with RG3
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    NFL Considering Playoff Expansion

    Not a fan, adding 2 more times might be a bit better but I like it the way it is. baseball if anything needs more playoff teams, or at least change their divisions
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    Dickey to Toronto

  13. Gtown81

    sam bradford

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    really diggin this, I would make the player's name bigger though
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    love everything except the desaturated render in the back, i'm sure you could fill the empty space with something else
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    Blue Jays on verge of monster deal with Marlins

    love to see Reyes in a jays uni, loved him in New York, not so much in Miami but i'm sure he'll turn it around in Toronto
  18. Gtown81

    Blue Jays to hire Gibbons as manager

    Never had a complaint with Gibbons when he last wore a Jays uni, not sure how he'll fare with an AA team though
  19. Gtown81

    I'm back

    spilt bong water on my laptop around the middle of the summer and had many problems trying to get it fixed, until finally just recently the dude fixing it said it was toast, so I bought one of the new iMac's, and now that I have a computer I'm back