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    Hinkie Steps Down

    I think he's done a terrible job as GM. The 76ers are a dumpster fire, and they've done so much losing over the years the culture among the locker room, coaching staff and front office must be toxic. What Hinkie did was acquire a bunch of top draft picks. That's fine and well, but a couple of...
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    Record or Rest?

    Logistically, they should rest. Golden State appears to be worn down. The record means nothing if you don't have enough gas to finish the job in the post season, and if they do push for the record, the probability increases the Warriors may not be able to make it through the grueling West...
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    College Basketball 2016-2017 Discusion Thread

    in today's news: Grayson Allen announces he's returning to Duke for his junior season and Louisville self imposed the loss of two scholarships.
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    NC: Nova vs UNC

    I think the better team won. Villanova absolutely controlled that game for the majority of the second half. Their defense-as it was the entire tournament- was just suffocating for a good 10 minutes in the middle portion of that second half. The ending was great. Without Marcus Paige just going...
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    Should pitchers be allowed to win Most Valuable Player award?

    I agree with this. The Cy Young award is just for pitchers. The MVP award includes all players. In my opinion, it's certainly possible for a player to be the best pitcher in the league, while also being the most valuable player in that given season.
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    College Basketball 2015-16 Discussion Thread

    Villanova is a better team than Oklahoma on both ends of the floor. Oklahoma has the best player, though. Will be interesting.