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    Greg Jennings Signs with Minnesota; Vikings Also Add Cassel.

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    Recent signatures

    All four for the VHL obviously, still not even close to being as good as most here but I wouldn't mind some CNC on them. The go from newest to oldest.
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    Jets acquire Eric Tangradi from Penguins
  4. Rice18

    Quarterbacks by the numbers.
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    Johnny Knox won't play football again.
  6. Rice18

    WR Free Agency

    There are plenty of noteable wide recievers in the free agency coming up this offseason. Where you do think they go? I personally would like to see the Vikings land either Bowe or Jennings.
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    Larissa Riquelme

    My Start: His Finish: My Text: Yes, I know I spelled her name wrong.
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    Ray Lewis

    Made it for a player league again, please CnC.
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    For a player sim league.
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    Gary Payton

    Meh, can't make anything I like.
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    Happy Birthday !

    Happy birthday to Sal and Mr. Baller ! Have a good 19th to the both of you !
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    CNC please.
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    CNC please. I personally like it.
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    CnC please. I already know text.
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    Melky Cabrera

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    Tried new shit, got mixed feelings on the outcome. CNC please. CROPPED
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    cnc please
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    Can't seem to get anything flowing in PS..
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    CnC please.