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    Kyle Fowler is 15 - Happy Birthday nba_balla

    Happy Birthday Balla!
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    LeBron Get's Speeding Ticket

    Because if you're caught speeding, is your employer going to fine you, or dock your wages, or tell you not to come into work for a week? This is for the police to deal with, that's how it should be.
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    Happy 'Effin Birthdays!

    Happy Birthday fellas!
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    New Lineup

    I like that.. Artest can pretty much guard every position, and hopefully the Kings will look like the past years' versions, getting up and down the court a little more.
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    Goodbye SI

    Lol we've had some people leave for strange reasons, but this one might just take the cake..
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    Happy Holidays SI & welcome version 2.0

    Happy Holidays everyone, congratulations to all the new moderators, you guys all deserved it, very nice choices! The new skins look great and nice touch with the Happy Holidays banner. All in all, great job guys.
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    SI Website...

    Yeah you'd have to do something like that because web hosting is pretty expensive.
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    Sportz Insomnia version 2.0

    Yeah I guess the best way is just try it and see how it works. I like the idea that the mods are getting more freedom, so hopefully it does work out. I was just saying from past experience I've seen that the activity really dropped down when threads were in specific team forums instead of the...
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    Sportz Insomnia version 2.0

    The only reason I suggested posting all topics in the General NBA section is because when we all talked about team forums, it was a no because individual forums get too inactive. That's probably what's gonna end up happening now, because I know a lot of people aren't going to go through all the...
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    Sportz Insomnia version 2.0

    People have been posting NBA topics in the Team Threads.. I think we should figure out what's going on, and maybe lock the team threads so that only admins and mods can post new topics in there so that there's no confusion. To me, the best idea is only have a Role Call and Gameday thread in the...
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    Hornets Rethinking New Orleans?

    Aren't we supposed to keep news topics in the NBA section? I thought these were just for Roll Calls and Game Day threads? Admin, G-Mod, Mod, Help!
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    Hi I'm new here!

    Haha that is true.. you can not take back shenanigans once it has been declared. Anyways, welcome Mrs. Pugzee.
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    Pro Bowl Rosters

    Precisely... although he didn't have as great of a season this year as he has in the past, it'd still be nice to have him at the Pro Bowl because he's a main source of attracton. It's like always having Shaq at the ASG, even if his stats during the season don't warrant it.
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    Pro Bowl Rosters

    Chargers have 8 Pro Bowlers: OG Kris Dielman San Diego TE Antonio Gates* San Diego RB LaDainian Tomlinson* San Diego FB Lorenzo Neal* San Diego DT Jamal Williams San Diego OLB Shawne Merriman San Diego CB Antonio Cromartie San Diego Special Teamer Kassim Osgood San Diego
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    Pro Bowl Rosters

    Yeah holy crap, no Ocho Cinqo...
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    Sportz Insomnia version 2.0

    Agreed, things have been looking really good around here lately.. the sim leagues are either in full swing or hopefully getting close, you guys are doing a great job with V-2.0, and the cut crew had been doing an excellent job as of late too.
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    Sportz Insomnia version 2.0

    Any chance we can still get the Wade night banner replaced with the LT one that shows up for an instant?
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    Doing a great job with all the cuts and the render gallery!

    Doing a great job with all the cuts and the render gallery!
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    Steve Nash Chipped Tooth

    I really don't think so. The only way would be to re-attach the tooth, and I'm almost sure you can't do that. Yeah, I believe they can attach a chip, but it will most likely change colours. When I chipped my tooth, they just attached an artificial piece that matched the colour.. never noticed...
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    Sportz Insomnia version 2.0

    I'm not 100% with PowerBoard, but with the free ones, I believe you turn off the sub-forums list on the front for just an individual forum, and also, I'm positive that you can link a logo on the front page to any link you want, so it is possible to link a logo directly to the thread.