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    Wasn't really feelin my old username

    Wasn't really feelin my old username
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    Dude this is sick and its my favorite all time player, could I use it in my signature?
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    ~2014 All-Star Weekend thread~

    The team in the Shooting stars with Stephen Curry and Dell Curry is awesome.
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    2013-2014 NBA Season Thread

    I'm glad Rondo still isn't playing every game, the C's need to tank. We need to get rid or Jeff Green while his value is still high.
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    Messaging System help

    Ok it's working again thanks fellas
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    Messaging System help

    So I just came here and it won't let me check my messages. I'm one of the sim league guys I'm getting notifications saying ___ has started a conversationwith you. When I click it it shoemw an error screen. I have no messaging button at the top either. What's going on? Thanks
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    Will Either The Nets or Knicks Make The Playoffs?

    Nets and Knicks will both make it,  because the east is pure shit.
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    The Future of the Philadelphia 76ers

    With the addition of a pick like Randle of Parker, their team would be su=ick. I doubt they get Wiggins.   But imagine: MCW/Waiters/Parker/Nerlens/Hawes   or   MCW/Waiters/idk/Randle/Nerlens.   They should trade Hawes for a 3 if they get Randle and they do trade Turner.
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    Paul Pierce Out 2-4 Weeks With Broken Hand

    The Nets just can't catch a break. Hope he's fine in a few weeks.
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    Kmart and World Peace Got Into "Heated" Argument

    K Mart is lucky they didn't fight lol
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    Rondo Cleared To Practice; Return His Decision

    YESS! I say a week and he'll be playing.
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    Woodson on hot seat, JVG next coach in line?

    JVG is a better coach, but it sucks for Woodson because hes not even a bad coach. His team just wont play god.
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    Favorite Team Logos

    They look sick under avatars.