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  1. adamu

    Melo addresses his 'selfish' label

    he needs to stop addressing the media so much and answer them on the court. albeit i cant imagine how hard it must be to have the media and country swirling around you when it comes to something like that.
  2. adamu

    BREAKING: PSU receives 4 year bowl ban, vacates wins, fined $60 million

    I think the whole point the NCAA is trying to get across is that the football program is being punished because of how all powerful it was within the system and community and that power was used to enable what happened when it should never have had enough power to usurp the authority of the...
  3. adamu

    Freeh Report and Future of Penn State

    well hopefully they at least do some changes to the wording.
  4. adamu

    Freeh Report and Future of Penn State

    ill say this, the greatest mistake good men can make is to sit idly by. and you realize he allowed sandusky to use the facilities etc even when he was no longer a coach.
  5. adamu

    Freeh Report and Future of Penn State

    a chapter that spans 14 years of him enabling the sexual abuse and exploitation of children by a predator. No amount of years in service to the school will ever atone for that.
  6. adamu

    Freeh Report and Future of Penn State

    and your justification? would you at least remove the wording from it?
  7. adamu

    Freeh Report and Future of Penn State

    the actions of Joe Paterno, as well as the head figures in the Penn State hierarchy have come to light, what was once just heresay and speculation is fact. As someones who's harbored admiration for what Paterno accomplished with his football program and school I cant help but feel cheated...
  8. adamu

    2012 NBA Free Agency thread

    kind of a semi breakout when he filled in for kl7, we all knew he had the potential, hope to see him get some decent minutes. meanwhile daryl morey signing away his job with every bad contract he puts out there
  9. adamu

    Est Vita

    Est Vita
  10. adamu

    Drexler says Dream Team pitied Magic because “he was going to die”

    this the excerpt they released from the upcoming book? it probably was the mind set back then, nobody knew anything about the disease. doesnt change the fact that clyde just lost all respect.
  11. adamu

    #2 PG in the NBA

    based on what we know? in my opinion it has to be deron, dwill and cp3 stand clearly on their own tier when it comes to pgs. but based on what we saw last season the second best pg in the league atm is rondo, his performance in the playoffs should speak to that.
  12. adamu

    Bulls offer Deng + 29 to Warriors

    just looked at a projected 2013 draft class and yeah your right, i honeslty thought it was a lot stronger. its actually kinda weak :/
  13. adamu

    Bulls offer Deng + 29 to Warriors

    this and i honestly rather we just wait it out and make do this year, next years draft is another loaded one. and i dont doubt we can still make playoffs.
  14. adamu

    2012 NBA Off-Season

    hoping to god deng skips the olympics....
  15. adamu

    Would you build around Andrew Bynum?

    chicago and thibs will take him :)
  16. adamu


    haha thanks guys lmfao im actually from hawaii, still had to google some of that though.
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    maika'i no mahalo hoaloha
  18. adamu

    Brooks coaching part of Thunder’s problems vs. Heat

    I hate to say it but brooks trusts his players almost too much, his team is too young and inexperienced to give them as much reign as hes done. Id like to see the thunder guarding lebron as a team using that quickness we saw before and forget all this glory seeking 1v1 forcing them into...
  19. adamu


    lol whys that bo LOOOL thanks m8 :)
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    whats up all. just came over from css, names adam. thanks for the validate pugz :point: