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    happy birthday Fuhgeddaboudit

    PM me for a private nude of my girlfriend wishing you a hbd   ;)
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    Tony Parker Plans To Retire After Rio Olympics!xyK7z  
  3. Brutalis

    Very, very, interesting read..   Thoughts?
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    How do I rotate a video?

    So I got a few cool videos from riding in various Black Hawks. I filmed it with my phone and the videos are upside down or 90 degrees off. Is there a way I can rotate these videos and save them at the correct angle?   I have VLC player but it only adjusts the video while you're watching it...
  5. Brutalis

    Brooklyn Spurs

    Checking out the new Brooklyn uniforms, logo, and court had me do some research. I checked out the most popular Spurs and Nets message boards and fans seem to be mixed about the new Nets look. Their unis look like the retro Spurs without silver. Even when the Spurs updated their home court the...
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    Spurs sign Eddy Curry

    for camps. Not even sure he'll make the team but he's lost a lot of weight.
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    What are those thread-like necklaces called?

    I keep seeing these MLB players wearing them. They look like braided thread/yarn or something. I ask cause my girl wants one. Know where I can find them? Online somewhere perhaps??
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    2011 College Football Predictions

    Time to give your predictions, fools. Bold your winners. I will keep track of the results for each week to see what our predictions look like if there is interest. 3LSU / 4Oregon 19Georgia / 5Boise St Ole Miss / BYU Wake Forest / Syracuse Northwestern/ Boston College Fresno State / Cal...
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    What's your team ranked?

    Arkansas #12, averaged. Read it in yesterday's sports page. Tallied the average from all the preseason college football mags and various popular websites. I think 12 is accurate for us. A&M was 8th, they will be good but 8 is a bit overrated. Auburn averaged 32nd, LMAO. How do you put together...
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    More news on Auburn

    Not trying to pick on Auburn, but cheating is cheating, and I despise it.
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    Auburn will pay for Cam... twice

    Allegedly Cash Money Cam was paid upwards around 200K to play a season for Auburn, in which once the NCAA comes down with the hammer they will be paying for him once again. _ _ _ “We really just want it to calm down, let the smoke settle, let the dust settle,” Newton said Thursday in a rare...
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    Spurs trade Hill; acquire 3 players

    ESPN Insider. Spurs among "Draft Winners" (which is like, every year) I like it.. Hill is a terrible PG and choked two playoffs in a row. He is a small 2 guard and his defense is below average so knowing it would be time to pay or wave bye next summer I'm glad we got a nice player out of the...
  13. Brutalis

    Parker being shopped.

    Spurs receive: Jason Thompson Omri Casspi Francisco Garcia 7th Overall Pick Kings Receive: Tony Parker Richard Jefferson 29th Overall Pick!/DraftExpress/status/83653590652166144
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    Tim Donaghy exposing cheating in the Finals Here's one of the Heat/Bulls series... Well... dude is right. When you're right you're right so.. I dunno what else to say.. also...
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    Madden Players Check out that thread I posted in the Madden section. I just wanna make sure word gets around cause this is a great deal and hopefully it's a hit so they will do this promotion again.
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    Panthers test Gabbert, Newton, Mallett Vedy vedy interesting.... Who wants to bet Carolina takes the one who does best first overall?
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    Could Mallett Go #1? - Article _ _ I had no idea Carolina was that serious. I knew they liked him but damn. I highly doubt it happens though.
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    Tony Parker out 2-4 weeks :upyours:
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    4 Questioned in Louisiana Regarding Auburn... There's still smoke on the horizon. Rumor has it that there has already been investigators in Little Rock as well questioning the coaching staff of LR Christian, where Michael Dyer played and that there is more coming. A ruling may have...
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    AS Weekend Prediction

    As far as the Celebrity Game and the NBDL AS Game are concerned- I don't care and will not be watching them. Okay well, I'll have to watch the CG cause my lady wants to see it. The "Dream Factory" thing is tonight and I still don't know what the hell that is nor do I care. Tonights focus is on...