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    Steve Nash Chipped Tooth

    Steve Nash got elbowed by Carlos Boozer I believe and chipper his tooth. I seen it on TSN this morning in Canada, they had a Top 10 on athlete's with missing teeth and stuff, it was pretty good. Anyways, here's the interview with him after he lost it, it's pretty funny. (Sorry, don't know how...
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    Gone For A Couple Days, NBA Game

    Hey guys, just thought some of you might be interested. I'm only gonna be gone for today and most of tomorrow, most likely. I'm heading over to GM Place in Vancouver, former home of the Grizzlies, to watch the Phoenix-Seattle pre-season game. See ya when I get back. PS: Fill up that Fantasy...
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    Sports Photos

    Where do you guys get sports photos? I'm trying to find a variety of them to make another collage wallpaper for myself, but it's tough to find a good selection for every player. They don't have to be that big. I'm looking for players from all the five major sports. I'd appreciate the sports...
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    Hosting Images

    I've been hosting pictures on Photobucket, but the occasional big one gets re-sized. Is there a way around this, or perhaps a different host that won't resize my pictures?