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    Derrick Rose ain't the only one coming back. First piece in over a year so gimme a break I forgot everything. Went for a faded over lapping graphic type look couldn't get the blur down so I said screw it.  
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    Rashida Jones

    Did something I dont do... have an idea before I start. stripped down
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    Yukimi Nagano

    something quick..wish I could do this style more
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    shoulda blended the render better ah well
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    dont have the motivation to make stuff anymore just threw this together
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    im going to put up a pack later tonight
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    Calvin Johnson

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    Mario Chalmers

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    Kanye West

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    Mos Def

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    Pac-Div New~Old~Unrealeased

    Coming May 5th (due in large part of a slow internet and unable to upload correctly) Everything is zipped up ready to go. Another one coming near the end of May or early June
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    orakpo n crabs

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    Loose Psds
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    Clinton Portis vs. Brian Mitchell
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    PACDIV August Sigs that was left out
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