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  1. pacdiv


    love it my kind of sig I probably would've added something yellow in it.
  2. pacdiv


    I like it. It looks like a direction a would take with a sig.
  3. pacdiv

    ..Who strated this?

    hmm I don't remember any of my pieces that did that I know that I use it but I forget. So that's a technique everyone's using now?
  4. pacdiv


    I can dig it ,but never liked the guy.
  5. pacdiv

    ..Who strated this?

    I need examples cause I have no clue of what is being talked about.
  6. pacdiv

    James Ferraro

    I like this but I feel this can look more 'haunting' if that means anything.
  7. pacdiv


    I really like this piece.
  8. pacdiv


    Derrick Rose ain't the only one coming back. First piece in over a year so gimme a break I forgot everything. Went for a faded over lapping graphic type look couldn't get the blur down so I said screw it.  
  9. pacdiv


    ehh no my fav from you you can put out better,
  10. pacdiv

    colloseum in the backseat

    very nice
  11. pacdiv

    Rashida Jones

    Did something I dont do... have an idea before I start. stripped down
  12. pacdiv


    i like the lq look it gives
  13. pacdiv


    very nice
  14. pacdiv

    futbol 2

    text could be more dynamic
  15. pacdiv

    Yukimi Nagano a version i did prior to the final
  16. pacdiv

    Yukimi Nagano

    ill drop the psd in here later today thx for comments
  17. pacdiv

    Yukimi Nagano

    something quick..wish I could do this style more
  18. pacdiv

    matthew stafford

    like the render
  19. pacdiv

    Sig request