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    Do people even gfx anymore?!
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    k w e k u

    I made a thing. In before someone says the render looks LQ
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    Stick Figure Music   first piece I actually finished in a while.
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    Random Manipulation

    Started with a photo I took, ended up with this
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      Couple designs I did for an up and coming brand. Client is very pleased.
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    Rhymesayers, Sucka.

    Messing with a multiple exposure style. *not done working on this.   V2   V3 ktRFxtG.jpg
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    Another Deve X Midhat banger.
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    SC Design [Logo]

    quick logo I did in illustrator for myself. Still very rough. The idea is to represent my work as being elegant yet bold and memorable at the same damn time.    any ideas or direction is appreciated.   (and yes I know it is off black at the moment.)  
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    Simple layout. Ran out of ideas.   If anybody wants the psd to fuck around with lemme know.
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    ~L o g i c ~    
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    deM atlaS

    Made a wall with a picture I took when I saw him live   Pic:
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    Was stuck inside all day because of shitty weather. Threw these together due to intense boredom.  
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    Mac Miller   this is an old collab with Jvello. just wanted to point out that it has 11k views and  21k downloads      #weoutcheyea
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    Eyedea and Abilities

    new print for my wall. felt good to get the creative juices flowing again.
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      messing around with some effects. Going to get this printed eventually. I took the photo as well.
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    Brother Ali

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    No Pharms No Feuds

    quick album cover I did for a buddy. Feedback is appreciated.
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    Happy Birthday Rawky

    Happy birfday bearded bruv
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    Freddie Soprano