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    SI Internet Banner   had to make an internet banner for class so I made one for SI since it was the only thing I even could think of to make an advertisement for.
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      shit...i suck...tryna get back into the swing of things   V2:
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    yuh heard???

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    GRYLL$ Imma be a bit miffed if I lose buh w.e
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    k. ArkxDCxRAWKSTARxMidhat
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      FB Cover Photo:   if you couldnt tell this was made to be a cover photo
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    i never got good...

    Hey Guys, Some of this stuff dates back to 2006 or before so there may be quite a few posts of just images. I've been at this for far too long to have never been actually good at this shit. But I'm still trying to break these up into some sort of skill/time period so each post should have a...
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    derrick   haven't made shit in this is my #return
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    week 6

    Promo: Album Cover: Card: Poster...
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    Alex Morgan:   Halo:   DoA:   Walls: I really think this league has made me step up my wall game a whole lot tho   SJU   Assassin's Creed  
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    Week 3 Sheet

        accidentally made a motocross sig:
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      collab with myself from a long ass time ago
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    week 3

    idk what to do here guys...Ark is AWOL...but i'm not entirely sure picasso or RGILL are around. And idk if getting Pop'n'fresh on the team will help much...because we really need to step up. Lot's of votes these first 2 weeks have been clean sweeps for the other team.   3 Signatures Mountain...
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    League ish

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    Team Name/Sig?

    hate to be so goddamned narcissistic but I think that Team dcpwner is actually a really great team name.                                     Siked ya. But seriously what should we do for the team name/sig thing?
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    Week 1

    Due: 7/21 11PM CST although I'd like finished versions a day earlier or at least in the morning. Topics: Delphem vs. DCpwner Sigs Denzel Washington George Clooney Heath Ledger Wallpaper Ryan Gosling So any ideas? Or who wants to start what?
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    What's Up Guys?

    Hey ya'll. I like our team a whole bunch here guys think we have a lot of different styles here and we can produce some good looking stuff.