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    Week 14: NFL Pick Em 2018-19

    Titans Bills Giants  Saints Pats  Chiefs Texans Packers Panthers Broncos  Chargers Lions  Steelers  Cowboys Rams Seahawks
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    Sim 04-01 (Days 1-10) Results

    2-3 but I only played 1 home game. Could be worse!
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    Kareem Hunt cut by Chiefs

    Right decision. No way he gets Riced though. He will 100% be back
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    Nuggets and Spurs

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    2nd Round Cuts

    Pierre Jackson please
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    Week 13: NFL Pick Em 2018-19

    Saints @ Falcons Panthers Bears Dolphins Colts Texans Broncos Rams Packers Chiefs Titans Seahawks Pats Steelers Eagles
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    Spurs Rockets

    Spurs Get: OJ Mayo Raymond Felton Rockets Get: Nicolas Batum Marvin Williams
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    2013 GM Check-In

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    Week 12: NFL Pick 'Em 2018

    Lions Cowboys Saints Jaguars Bengals Patriots Eagles Buccaneers Seahawks Ravens Colts Chargers Steelers Vikings Texans
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    Spurs War Chest

    1 for Dray in rookie 2nd team New total: 8
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    2013 Re-Signings

    Accept Mo and Tyler. Decline Maggette
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    Restricted Free Agents (2012-13)

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    Week 11: NFL Pick Em 2018-19

    Packers Bengals Falcons Bucs Steelers Texans Colts Panthers Chargers Cardinals Saints Vikings Rams
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    Spurs War Chest

    20 rebounds - Mo Speight 20 rebounds - DeAndre Jordan New total: $7
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    Week 10: NFL Pick Em 2018-19

    Oh shit took the lead Steelers Saints Lions Chiefs Pats Redskins Jets Jags Chargers Rams Packers Eagles Giants