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Sportz Insomnia Rules & Guidelines

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Posted 15 November 2013 - 06:19 PM

While looking through the site I noticed our Board Rules mysteriously disappeared. These are the official Board Rules of SI. Our rules may seem harsh but we are typically laid back. Push us, and we will take action.  




Section I: General Conduct


This section focuses primarily on member discussions. While we encourage debates and even arguments, the SI staff will not tolerate arguments getting out of hand. There are a few areas that need to be addressed:

Warning System:


Verbal Warning: For minor things. You'll be warned either publicly or privately by a member of the staff. This is the lightest warning with no consequences. 


Level Two Warning: Posts get deleted. Privately warned by the staff member, and a copy of the posts gets sent in to the Administrator section for the Admins to keep as a reminder. 


Level Three: Suspension. Could be one day. Could be 3 days. You may get this "warning" 3 or 5 times if you habitually break the rules.


Level Four Warning: Permanent Ban. 


Member Conduct:


The following will not be tolerated and may result in a raise in warning level.


Cursing: Most of us are adults. Even though we are very laid back with letting members use curse words and foul language, there has to be a line. Excessive cursing will result in a warning.

Nudity: Nudity is allowed here on SI, just make sure you post it in the NSFW thread we have. If you post porn anywhere on our site, you will be permanently banned. 

Inappropriate, hurtful or disrespectful language to other members will not be tolerated. 


Racist comments will result in a warning of . We're fine with members sarcastically using a racist remark, but racist remarks directed at other members will not be tolerated.


Baiting: Baiting is an attempt to anger or provoke other members to start an argument. 


Privacy: Privacy is a major issue for the staff. In no way are you allowed to stalk, harass, or abuse other members through posts, topics, private messaging or Email. Also be aware that posting any personal information about other members without their consent is inexcusable. This includes:


– Full name

– Email Addresses

– Photographs

– Phone Numbers

– Other social media accounts

– Home/Work Address


Violation will result in an automatic 1-week suspension.


Post Bump: Under no circumstances are members allowed to bump threads that are at least 1 month inactive. Exceptions include threads about TV shows, Review Threads, Video game threads, or anything that is seasonal (such as Gameday Discussion Threads). 



Section II: Miscellaneous:


Mini Moderating: Mini Moderating is the act of trying to take moderating duties in to your own hand. Do not try to warn other members of misconduct – instead, please use the report button or PM a staff member and we will take further action.


Do Not Try To Sell: I can't stress this enough. Please do not attempt to contact members through SI to hire them to do something. This can range anywhere from being a staff member at your site or hiring them to design a logo or skin. If you are affiliated with SI you may contact an Administrator first and we will grant your request – we just want to be aware of the request. 


Affiliation: The affiliation requirements are here – please note they are loosely followed and we will always make an exception to new sites.


  • If you are affiliated with us, you may use a signature advertising your site but DO NOT make it click-able to link to your site.

  • Affiliates are entitled to advertising events at their site. Please give a heads up to a Head Administrator (RipCity32 or GMF1991 as the other two are not as active) so we know what you are running. You may then bump your Affiliation topic advertising what event you are running (sim leagues, re-draft, SOTW, etc).

  • You may also PM an Administrator asking for permission to promote a sim league in the corresponding section. For example, an MLB Sim League would be allowed to open a topic advertising it in our MLB General Discussion section. Just notify an Administrator or it will be closed.

  • If your site does not have a custom skin/theme please don't open a thread. Contact an administrator first and we will grant you permission to open a topic. 

  • And, as always, current and active members of SI will be given exceptions to our guidelines if they are opening up a site or forum.

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