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Waiver Rules

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Posted 04 April 2016 - 05:46 PM

Waiver Rules

- All waivers are free.
- Players remain on Waivers until they are claimed or removed from the team's GM.
- Once a player is placed on waivers, the person highest on the Waiver Wire with a claim after 24 hours will receive that player.
- Once a GM claims a player, they are moved to the bottom of the Waiver Wire.
- All Waivers are final.
- If you make a claim and no one else claims that same player, you can not back out of the waiver.  There are no conditional claims (ex: Claim if it doesn't take me over soft cap).  A claim is a claim is a claim. 
- If their is another person who claimed, you can withdraw your claim.
- Everyone has the same play at waivers as everyone else. It just goes to the highest on the waiver list.
- The Waiver Wire closes each season following the Trade Deadline.
- Number one waiver spot claims always get put in instantly

- If a waiver has been open for a minimum of 12 hours prior to a major sim (Free Agency, Sim1 and Sim 6) it will be processed and closed at the time of the sim.
- After Each season's conclusion (after playoffs) the waiver wire is re-arranged to accommodate the most recent season.

- If you are claiming multiple people in one waiver thread, please rank them by priority in case someone else claims one of them.

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