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So you're the Newbie?

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Posted 21 March 2009 - 06:36 PM


Before you dive into this guide, I ask that you please take the time to read the rules of Sportz Insomnia, which can be found: http://www.sportzin....?act=boardrules

Sort of an unofficial rules section of Sportz Insomnia but one that will help you on your way to intermixing with our great Community. Though you cannot be administratively punished for violating anything mentioned in this section, following these "Do's and Dont's" will help you make way more friends and faster.

DO post an introductory thread. SI members who have been around the block know quite a bit about each other and one key to fitting in around here is knowing those who surround you on a little bit of a personal level. Get noticed right away by posting an introductory thread inside our Welcome Forum. Members typically like to know a little bit about your interests, your favorite teams and how you found us.

DO NOT be the guy to just post a 5-word, lame Welcome me message. Something like: "Sup, I have arrived"...nothing but a waste of everyone's time and valuable server space.

DO dive right into today's sports news and get your opinion heard on all the hot topics at SI. Another good way to get noticed is to stay busy on what people are talking about at SI right now. Reply to the big story of the day with your opinion, many will read it and surely somebody is bound to hit you back. The "snowball effect" should take over from there.

DO NOT be the guy to spend his first hours at SI digging up and replying to old-ass threads. Not only is it news that most of the Community is already done talking about but its just straight up annoying. Put it this way, if you weren't around when the topic was hot, then stay away from it. Stick with today's hot stories and sports talk.

earn some respect for yourself by dropping some solid posts right away. There's nothing SI members love more than new sports fans that come in and prove right away that they can provide to be a valuable asset to the forum. Come in focused on making a name for yourself with what you post, not how much you post.

be the guy who comes in and posts his 1-2 word replies all over the place. Nothing will garner you more enemies than doing that. Nobody here was born yesterday, we've all seen it done over & over...we all know that its a cheap thing to do in order to get your post count up as soon as you can. You can have thousands of posts within a couple of days but if the rest of the Community doesn't take you seriously because most of your posts are horrible...then whats the point?
(Truthfully we lied...posting too many 1-2 word replies at SI could earn you posting restrictions from the Staff.)

DO make a little bit of a name for yourself and get some posts under your belt before you start making those GFX requests. Our GFX Team is phenomenal and yes, they do love making sigs/avys but typically they don't appreciate those who take their artwork and run. Our GFX guys will make sigs for anybody but newer members are going to have to earn some trust before their requests are taken seriously.

DO NOT be the guy who comes in only looking for a sig. There's something seriously wrong if 1 of your first 3 posts is a GFX request. Again, nobody was born yesterday here and its something we see all the time. If your signing up for a forum just to get a sig and run...then go "bamboozle" a GFX Forum. We here at SI are Sports Talk first, GFX is just a side job.

DO keep an eye our Sim Leagues, read up on them, ask your questions. Our Sim Leagues are long running, well organized and successful. Of course we are always seeking out new GM's for empty teams but every Commissioner does require a certain amount of activity before handing out teams to newer members. The best way to go about it to take your time and be patient. Read up on the League, try to understand the rules and ask your questions now, while your working on building a reputation at SI...then by the time your 100% clear on how things work, you should be where you need to be post-count wise & ready to apply.

DO NOT apply for Sim League teams withing your first 24-48 hours of being a new member. Commissioners and other GM's don't care how much experience you have with Sim Leagues or all how active you promise to be. First off, how the heck are we supposed to know how much experience you really have & how active you will turn out to be. Secondly, we've heard it all before time and time again. New members who immediately apply for teams and are over aggressive are the ones who typically disappear within a day of joining SI.

My Last Suggestion in this very "high-speed" & thorough guide...

DO spend some time inside the Community Thread from time to time. A lot of forums downplay their Community Threads b/c they feel the off-topic discussion takes away from the discussion surrounding the primary focus of their site. At SI, we all enjoy the laid back conversation about whatever other Members bring up and a lot of identities are created inside the Community Thread. Not only can we learn a little bit about yourself but you can learn a lot about each one of us.

DO NOT post worthless new topics. Whats a worthless new topic? You most likely already know when you hit the "New Topic" button. If you don't, I am sure another member will 'kindly' point it out.

At the end of the day, I realize people are going to do whatever they want to do. Like I said though, follow these golden (but unofficial) rules and I promise that you will fit right in. -AE, SI Co-Administrator
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