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Announcement: Post Content FAQ

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How to tag a member:
Remember, you must have the quotation around the username. Additionally, on desktop you can select Posted Image in the toolbar (third one on the top left) and select MEMBER, not MENTION. But if you're on mobile, use the code as above.
How to post a tweet:
This couldn't be easier. Just post the direct link to the tweet itself! To find the direct link, all you do is click the time log on the tweet itself, and that will display the tweet with its direct link. Just literally copy-and-paste it directly here and it auto-embeds! Note: you may have to refresh the page for it to show up
How to post a GFY:
Similar to the tweet code, all you do is post the URL of the gfycat link, and it auto-embeds
How to post an Instagram photo:
This one I've had a little more trouble with so there might be bugs, but it should be the same process as all the others -- just post the direct link
How to post a Youtube video:
Just post the non-mobile version of the video and it auto-embeds! We try to get this done all for you guys, with as little to do as possible
More to come as we think of them. And remember, you can always use the Sports Insomnia image uploader for your own pics, and use the bb code to post them
How to remove certain content from New Topics?
You must be on the desktop site to do this. When you are in the New Topics menu (which I encourage everyone to view the site by), there is a menu on the left side of all the posts. At the very bottom, it says Filter by Forum. And all you gotta do is click the stuff you want to see popping up in the New Topics, and don't click the stuff you don't want to see.

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