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Coaching Rules

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Posted 12 November 2015 - 09:38 AM

-Every coach offers different attribute and/or potential boosts for a select amount of players.
-The +x for attributes can be all used in one attribute or it can be spread out over many.

- A player cannot receive boosts in consecutive seasons (attribute cannot be done twice in a row/potential cannot be done twice in a row)
- A player can receive both an attribute AND a potential boost in one season but then in the next year they cannot receive anything.
- There is no age restriction
- Players cannot receive multiple attribute boosts in the same season -- you must pick one to give to them

Coaching Period:
- Runs from TC through start of Sim 6 (cannot use coach before TC or after Sim 6 is over)
- Coaches must be PAID BEFORE SIM 1 or you will lose the coach

Hiring Process (NEW):
- Closed bidding system 
- Date when bids are due will be determined after playoffs of each season and will be announced in the GroupMe
- Maximum you will pay for coaches will be sent as your bid for that coach
BID FORMAT: Coach Name,Years,Amount Per Year -- Example: Ty Lue,4,8000000
- Bids are sent in order of 1-10. 1 will be the coach you want the most, 10 the least
- Coaching Formula = (Years * 1.5) * Amount Per Year
- The winning bid on a coach will be the number of years bid and the salary that 2nd place bid + 1m. Example: Ty Lue has two bids on him -- 4 years/5m and 4 years/8m. The second bid would be the winner, but the salary that is paid would be 4 years/6m.
- Cannot bid more money than what you currently have in the bank when the bid is made

- Max number of 10 coaches to bid on
- Can only bid on coaches that are free agents or have been fired

- Coaches must be paid by sim 1 or they will be removed and team cannot bid for a season unless they pay the buyout amount

- Coaches must be hired and paid by sim 1
- If there is a "tie" it will be decided on order of priority that you listed the coach. If there is still a tie after that, I will use a randomizer to decide
- Coaches that are not signed will be available during a "leftover" period on a first-come-first-serve basis of 1 year/1m

Firing Process:
-In order to fire a coach you must buy out 75% of his remaining contract. Say a coach has 3 years and $3,000,000 left on his deal. You would have to pay $6,750,000 in order to fire him.
- Coach is no longer under contract if a full season has gone by without payment

-Offensive Attributes include inside scoring, jump shot, three-point shot, passing, handling, and offensive rebounding.
-Defensive Attributes include post defense, perimeter defender, drive defense, blocking, stealing and defensive rebounding.
-Athletic Attributes include quickness, strength, and jumping.
-Potential Attributes is merely a players potential.
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