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Depth Chart Format

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Posted 04 April 2016 - 05:21 PM

You Cannot CPU Your Depth Chart

Beyond the initial pre-season depth chart of each season, all changed must be BOLDED or will not be processed

(ONLY 12 players maximum can be active)
C: Player / Player / Player
PF: Player / Player / Player
SF: Player / Player / Player
SG: Player / Player / Player
PG: Player / Player / Player

(Remaining players)
IR: Player / Player / Player

Scoring Options:
1. Player
2. Player
3. Player

Pace - Very Slow / Slow / Normal / Fast / Very Fast
Trap - Never / Sometimes / Normal / Often / Always
Press - Never / Sometimes / Normal / Often / Always
Focus - Inside / Balanced / Outside



Position Rules

C -> PF

PF -> C, SF

SF -> PF, SG, PG (in rare cases, where it can be proven they played significant time here irl)

SG -> SF, PG

PG -> SG


Every player must be moved to the position he is starting in on the index. If you are playing a player out of position, you must note that in your Cut/Changes/Wonder thread.


Tanking Rules

You must play the "best" player at each position (some wiggle room due to interpretation of what is the "best" play.) You can not IR your obvious best players. Rookies and young players can be played over "better" veterans, to an extent. Most of it will be played by eye by the simmer. Your scoring options must include our best three scoring options. Everything else is up to you. If the commissioner feels that your depth chart is obvious tanking, you will be given one chance to fix it. If you do not, the commissioner will have the right to make the best roster possible.

Edited by RSH, 04 April 2018 - 08:24 AM.

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